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Bible Ministry Audio

From May 2011 all our Bible expositions have been available as videos to download from our Grace Online channel. We are however keeping our audio recordings available so that these can be downloaded and used where video can't ... when you are driving, for example! Please feel free to get in touch using the contact button on this website if these expositions raise issues for you or if we can be of any further help. From August 2013 the weblog site has held sermon audio files and extracts, so please check the new (audio) podblog here:

Psalm 23 - 'Satisfaction and where it's to be had' Psalm 23 - 'Safe through the Darkest Valley' Psalm 34 - sharing the joy with the downcast
Galatians - vital grace
This short series of sermons delivered around Christmas 2010 highlights the crucial importance to Christianity of living grace ... the free favour of God shown to a fallen race. These are audio files only. Let us know how you get on with them?
Pictures of Church in 1 Corinthians
Easter 2011 - 1 Corinthians 15:32 ... the reason people don't believe in Resurrection.
Audio: The Fundamental Functions of Life in the Kingdom of God ... Matthew 6-7
Jonah ... and the 'scandal' of God's grace
In the run up to the Christmas season we're digging into an Old Testament prophet with a lot to say to 'self-contained' religion about the need to get out of the ghetto. We're putting up the audio files here and we'd love to hear from you if you are listening to them, so why not go ahead and send us a message?
Mark 10:17 ff. Jesus and the rich young man
Craig Blomberg on a very important Bible word ...
Just what DOES Jesus do for His followers about their sins? Check this out at this highly recommended website ...
Hebrews 13:4 - Valentine's Day, marriage, adultery and fornication.
The Bible's got it all, really. A window on all manner of human life and experience. No holds barred. An honest ... frank ... appraisal of the human situation, and a clear signpost on the road to deep soul freedom. So check it out with us ... and feel free to contact us about any of the issues raised. Happy Valentine's Day!
John 2 ... Jesus supplies abundantly
Rev. Stuart Dainty from Libanus Baptist Church in Morriston kindly came up to give our pastor a preaching break ... we were grateful to him for making the trip and here's the audio recording of his ministry.
Psalm 29 - the AWEsome song
Thirty five minute MP3 file
Habakkuk 2 vv 1-5 button
Mark's Gospel
Here are the open source dramatised NIV files of Mark's Gospel for free download and listening
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