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Galatians 1:1-5
Christianity. Is it another world view, a matter of opinion ... well, what else could it be? (Dig into this sermon and find out!)
Jonah 4
So here's what it's actually all about ...
Jonah 3
Jonah 2
In this chapter of Jonah the prophet reflects and prays over the costs of with holding the message of God's grace from the people God sent him to, and works ...
Jonah ... and the 'scandal' of God's grace
In the run up to the Christmas season we're digging into an Old Testament prophet with a lot to say to 'self-contained' religion about the need to get out of ...
Jonah 1 - the scandal of 'with holding' God's grace
Matthew 6:19-21 ... investments that deliver
Ben and Ena from Bosnia
Ben and Ena are back from Bosnia and will be leading our service this Sunday ... explaining what they are doing in the church and with the sheep project. Real, ...
Matthew 6:13 - How to keep away from the tempting place ...
Matthew 6:11 - DAILY bread
We're all SO used to 'saying' the Lord's Prayer ... but what was Jesus really getting at when He taught His followers to pray for their daily bread?
Matthew 6:10 - your KINGdom come
Matthew 6:8-9 Praying to God as Father ... and the difference it makes
Matthew 6:9 - giving GOD the good name ...
We get so tied up with getting a good name for ourselves ... ad that can be so utterly inconsistent with living the repenting and believing life of he Kingdom ...
Matthew 6:1-4 The right way to solve world poverty
Matthew 6 - introduction
Audio: The Fundamental Functions of Life in the Kingdom of God ... Matthew 6-7
Deuteronomy 31 - No Fear!
Standing at the brink of the Promised Land the biggest single source of the Israelites' unfaithfulness to God across the last forty years is identified and ...
King making ... Numbers 26-27
The perils of 'democracy' Numbers 13-14
Preached on the eve of the 2010 general election, this sermon looked at the importance of being able to stand in the minority when the majority lack the ...
Post election sermon: Kingmakers- beware! Numbers 27:18-23
Post election sermon: Kingmakers - beware! Numbers 27:18-23
Random sermons 2010 in audio format
Here are those sermons that had to be preached but weren't part of a series ... please enjoy!
Mission Sunday
In Acts 22 Paul describes the sending of Saul ... 'far away, to the Gentiles'. And you've just got to ask 'WHY, Lord?' because it just doesn't seem to make ...
Pre-election sermon: when the majority is WRONG ... Exodus 13-14
Breakout helps create riverside walk for community at Llansawel
On polling day, May 6th., Breakout Llansawel is digging, cutting tree roots and preparing the planting of the new riverside walk at Llansawel. And there's a ...
Numbers 11 - Prophesyng in the Camp
Matthew 26:39 Palm Sunday 2010
The hardest question of all ...
Joshua - the Making of a Man of God - Smoke on the Mountains ... Sinai
Next Sunday morning our all age worship (amongst other things) covers the impact on Joshua's young life of going with Moses to get the Ten Commandments at ...
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