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Mark 1:21-45
Here's a primary school assembly on the second part of Mark 1. The first part of Mark's Gospel shows us Who Jesus is: He is the Mesiah King Who has come to ...
Dead men don't hire contract shepherds John 21:15-19
What constitutes failure in Christian leadership (it's really not that obvious) and how does Jesus handle it? (And, no ... this really isn't just a sermon for ...
Mark's Gospel
This is where you can find links to .ppt files from a set of Primary School assemblies on Mark's Gospel.
Mark 1:1-19
The prologue to Mark's Gospel comes in two parts, making two points ... which reflect the two parts and points of the REST of this Gospel.
Dead men don't ... give fishing lessons - John 21:1-19
Dead men don't give history lectures
Easter 2012
Easter assembly about the Cross ... where God laid human sin on Jesus and had to turn His back on Him as a result. (It's all about 'turning backs and turning ...
Dead men don't make public appearances - 1 Corinthians 15:1-5
Dead men don't give travel directions ... Matthew 28:1-10
Here are the powerpoint slides from the first sermon in the 'dead men don't' series, which can be found using the links on the Bible Ministry Video tab above
The 'Dead men don't ...' series of Bible expositions
Easter series 2012 poster
Dead Men Don't
An assembly for primary kids on origins about their experience of order and chaos
The story of how meeting (& wrestling) with God changed a tricky bloke's life for good.
Genuine discipleship - Obedience?! John 15:10-14
If salvation is by grace through faith alone ... what's all this talk about commands and obedience? Check out this sliddeshow that accompanies the sermon ...
Primary School assemblies
Bible Ministry powerpoint slides
This is where you can find links to the slides that go with the Bible ministry. Please feel free to use them as you wish.
The Genuine Discipleship Series
Genuine discipleship - 'Remain in my love' - John 15:9
How do you cope with compassion fatigue ... or knowing you really OUGHT to love someone, but are finding it a bit heavy going? Here's a link to the slides of ...
Genuine Jesus - Resn
JPEG January 2012 outreach poster
An introduction to Mark's Gospel in a minute and a half
Mark's Gospel offers us perhaps the clearest idea of what Jesus Christ is all about ... and here's an introduction to that Gospel in a minute and a half from a ...
Genuine Jesus - Genuine Shepherd
Jesus fits the job description of the One Who can really watch your back. It's a job description written by God's prophets centuries before He came and it's ...
Genuine Jesus - shepherd
Christmas Day - Sunday 25th December 2011
Galatians 6:6 - the way we ought to fund ministry and mission, and why. (This is a double-length feature!)
Galatians 5:22-26
Galatians 5:26-6:2 - Alpha Males and burden bearing ... fulfilling the Law of Christ