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Here's where you can find a few videos and things that point at SOME of the reasons we think Christian faith is a reasonable thing ... click on 'read more' to check it out!

Does God exist?

Simon Bowkett of Grace Church Llandeilo answering the question, "Does God Exist?"

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Is there life after death?

Simon Bowkett address the vital question of life after death

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Genuine Jesus - Genuine Shepherd

Jesus fits the job description of the One Who can really watch your back. It's a job description written by God's prophets centuries before He came and it's a whole set of things that He simply couldn't have faked. This is just a twelve minute introduction to a few obvious ones ... somebody worked out there are over 350 of these in total. If these show He's Who He said He was, and He can do for you what this shows He can do ... then that's GOT to be worth twelve minutes of your time, hasn't it? (Click the link!)

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An introduction to Mark's Gospel in a minute and a half

Mark's Gospel offers us perhaps the clearest idea of what Jesus Christ is all about ... and here's an introduction to that Gospel in a minute and a half from a sermon on Galatians 5:16-18 (Pt 2) which is available to view in full under the 'Bible Ministry Video' tab (Click read more and check the video link)

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