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Who, what & where?

Grace Christian Community meets online and on the ground to open up the Bible and serve its message to the people in the towns and villages of north east Carmarthenshire. Whether you get to know us online or on the ground, we're here to offer a fresh look at the Bible that brings the questions of our daily lives to the historic Christian Scriptures

Grace Church 07-02-10

Grace on the Ground

Meet with Grace Christian Community in person

Here's a photograph of what you walk into as our Sunday morning Llandeilo gathering is filling up ...
Check the 'next week at Grace' button to see what's planned.


Grace Online

Meet Grace Christian Community Online

Church for us is not about buildings, but about people ... people coming together both 'in the  flesh' and online to help and encourage one another, living out their daily lives as followers of Jesus Christ, which is just the way it is in the Bible.

We try to serve that purpose by meeting on the ground and online.

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